How It Works

The Portland Tango Community Fund (PTCF) works as simply as possible: the student tells the Fund which of the Portland teachers they would like to study with and how much the class series costs that they would like to take; and the PTCF will offer a percentage (typically one third to two thirds) of that to the student. If the student accepts the offer, the Fund will write out a check to the teacher and tell the teacher that this sum is to go towards the costs for that particular student for the class series that student indicated. Alternatively the student can ask the teacher to contact PTCF, and the same thing will occur.

If a student wishes to take workshops with a visiting teacher, the student can contact PTCF and say how many workshops the student would like to take and the total cost of those workshops. The Fund will then tell the student what it can offer towards those workshops, and if the student accepts that offer, the Fund will write a check to the workshop organizer telling the organizer that this is a contribution towards the workshop fees for that particular student. Alternatively, the student can approach the organizer to apply to the PTCF on the student’s behalf; an offer will be made to the organizer on behalf of the student, and the same procedure follows.

The PTCF is not yet in a position to offer help towards private lessons.

Every attempt is being made to keep this as simple and transparent as possible; and to facilitate the development of Tango in the Portland Tango community.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the director.

Pat Musto
Portland Tango Community Fund

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