February 23, 2015

The Portland Tango Community Fund is a private discretionary fund conceived and administered by members of the Portland tango community.  It is not organized as a 501c3 and donations are not tax deductible.  It is funded solely through donations by the Portland tango community and distribution of financial assistance is entirely at the discretion of the fund director.  The fund does not favor any particular teacher or sponsor but reserves the right to determine which classes or workshops qualify for assistance.

The initial and primary benefit of this Fund is to provide financial assistance for lessons with Portland tango teachers or workshops with visiting tango instructors.  Workshops with visiting instructors may be sponsored by Portland area tango teachers or other members of the Portland tango community.   Providing some financial assistance can enable students to take lessons that they might otherwise find difficult to afford.  This benefits the teaching community as well.

On occasion the fund may provide assistance to other tango events benefiting the greater community, but any funds provided will be raised separately from the general fund and fully disclosed on this website.

People seriously interested in learning to dance tango but who can’t afford lessons can apply for financial assistance independently or through the teacher with whom they wish to study.  Payments will range from ⅓ to ⅔ of the costs of the lessons, and will be available for class series. For visiting teachers, people wishing to get some help can apply independently or through the organizer of the visiting teacher.

Funding occurs in two ways:

1.     Asking  individuals for donations.

2.     Fund-raising at milongas or special events that are designated as benefiting the Tango Fund.

On at least a quarterly basis, a general financial update on the status of the fund will be posted on this website.  Specific information about recipients of assistance, however, will be kept confidential.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this proposed fund, please contact Pat Musto at:  pmusto@teleport.com


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