December 31, 2015 Tango Fund update

23 Feb

Since the last update the fund paid a total of $195 to three different instructors on behalf of four individuals. The Fund is in good financial shape and ended the year with a balance of a little over $1,220.00. It continues to enjoy overwhelming support from the Portland Tango Community, and as director I am gratified that the Fund can continue to provide assistance to Portland students of Argentine tango.

Patrick Musto, Director


September 30th fund update

15 Nov

Since the last update, the Portland Tango Community Fund has continued to provide assistance for those wishing to further their study of Argentine Tango. An additional $1,260 has been paid on behalf of 12 individuals to four different Portland instructors and organizers.  Many thanks to all who have contributed over the year, as this fund would not exist without their generosity.  As far as I know, it is unique in the world of Argentine tango.  Congratulations Portland!  Looking forward, Portland is fortunate in having the famous Argentine instructors Oscar Mandagaran and Georgina Vargas agree to make Portland their temporary residence for the entire month of November.  Numerous group lessons and workshops have already been scheduled and are open to all members of the Portland tango community.  Although they don’t have a local sponsor, which is typically required for tango fund assistance, I have decided to make their group lessons and workshops available for support.  I view their temporary residence here as making them Portland instructors for the month of November.  This is a great opportunity for the Portland tango community and well deserving of support.

March 31, 2015 Tango Fund Update

24 Apr

Since assuming management of the Tango Fund in the fall of last year, I am pleased to report that a total of $640 in instruction support has been paid on behalf of nine different Portland area students of Argentine Tango.  This was in support of group classes and workshops sponsored by four different members of the Portland tango community.  Over the course of the last few months the Fund received individual donations totaling $405 from six members of the Portland community.  The highlight, however, was the Tango Bucket Challenge benefit milonga on January 31st which raised a total of $640 for the Fund.  Way to go Portland!  As of March 31st the Fund was on solid financial ground and can continue to offer support for serious students of Argentine Tango.

Patrick Musto, Director